Anyone who has written anything pertaining to any amount of success have written about the wasteful consumption of TV.  There I was last night, making goals for myself on my tablet.  Reading more, getting my books written, keeping up with blogging and writing on others blogs.  I felt good about all that and then was gonna go to bed, cause I had no energy to write…but in getting ready I saw some dill pickle flavored chips, they are as potent as salt and vinegar chips but have a delightful dill pickle taste along with all the salt…so I had to have a bowl of those, and you can’t eat chips without… .. .watching some TV!  So I start watching at midnight and did so until the chips were gone.

I am not the kind of person who will tell you that you should never ever watch TV and that it is the reason that you are failure or what have you.  But I will reiterate along with all the others out there, that you can find a lot more time to use for your ventures or just to catch up if you discipline the use of your time and your television.  The strangest thought came to me about TV…I almost never watched a show or a movie about people watching TV.  There is always the perfectly prompted news story to move the story along, but there are no movies that you would watch someone watching TV.

But to make a goal of just simply watching less TV seems to be counter-intuitive.  It is not a nasty habit to watch TV after all.  But I think the better way to think about it, to have all your daily activities prioritized, even if they are tasks just for fun, and put TV much lower on the list than the others.  So I will read, write, blog, research, play with my kid, help out the wife, maybe brainstorm my side ventures…then maybe if there is any time left I can catch a few shows on Netflix.  If I were to start with the shows first, I know that I am doomed to get none of the other things done.

I would quote or show all the math of how many hours we have in a day or week, but I don’t think that really matters,  when we are working on something or droning in front of the TV, time seems to get lost.  I just think that we have to better direct where and how that time is lost…thus not losing it.