You are likely directed here by the ad in my android apps.  Many of my apps are army manuals, and I have a few scattered apps on different topics.

My thoughts and goals for the android device is to have education at your fingertips.  How great would it be if in University your classes gave you all the content, syllabus, assignments, extra credit, resources for study and even the text book itself?

I started making Army manuals on the suggestion from a friend in the Army who spoke about all the stuff enlisted people had to read and memorize, to maintain equipment and dress accordingly.  I really enjoy making these apps and would love to do it full time.  But from sales it only make $50 a month on average, and the ad revenue is only $0.19 a day.

So I ask what else do you want, what manuals would you like to see?  The content will have to be open domain (not copyrighted).  If you have great notes that you want in an app I would be happy to make it, and it would be available to everyone on the Android Market.

Right now the apps are very simple, with not many features, but I will change that as the income increases and I can quit all other ventures to focus on this.  I thank all of you who have purchased or downloaded any of my apps!

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