Tell me that you have never heard, “But he/she did it on PURPOSE!” and I will tell you that you are deaf, have not lived long enough, or have somehow in your existence have never seen another child.  I remember that sting of a scorn when a sibling smiled at my parents discipling me and then when the parent turns back to that sibling, he/she acts as if they innocent.  In the battle of siblings things are done on purpose, done for no more than the reason of accomplishing their goal of beating you.  I am not bitter, don’t worry, kids are kids and the brother that use to beat me up all the time is now (I hope still and always) a good friend that has many intelligent conversations with me.

I have one friend who is as much a brother as my siblings, my dad hated dealing with him, he talked to much, was (and still is) wild.  Odd to think that of all my dear friends he is doing the most with his life, joined the army and progressed in ranks, got a degree from a University and strive to be a lawyer, when that was not affordable he did not slow down, he is still working hard in all that he does.  What my dad would call obnoxious I call passion and drive, he like my siblings (at times) does things on purpose, knowing full well what they are doing and don’t apologize.

Such examples should be taken in our lives, do things on purpose, don’t apologize!  In Revelations 3:16 it state “So then becasue thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”  Think of all the great villains in fiction, they do what they do and their incompetent sidekicks are always wavering, maybe that is a good thing in the stories, but if there is no villain then there can be no heros.  Wither we are a villain or a hero to someone else, we should do it all the way.  Also we need to have that purpose, what drives us, some are blessed with that unquenchable spirit and just go, others take that same spirit and call it anxiety, something to be medicated (note: if you have undue anxiety that does need medication that is not what I am talking about here).

Find your purpose, find a purpose, any purpose you can believe in, that will drive you!