I was talking to my dad over the Christmas about programming computers, and where would be a good place to go from here…(here being the current state things are in in the computing realm).  My father was a programmer for WordPerfect and then Novell back in their glory days.  I learned a lot about networking with the old Novell books my dad had lying around.  The interesting of which was the Clustering one.

When we spoke of the amazingly well done apps the LDS church has on both the iPhone and Android platforms, as well as a multimedia loaded site, my dad pointed out that many programmers are just content formatters now.  I guess if that is a bullet to be dodged my dad did well by going back to chasing cows as a ranch hand…weird some of the backgrounds programmers come from… but I couldn’t help but wonder, is that all that is left, just formatting content?  Granted it is not an un-noble pursuit.  I think the more creative accomplishments of this are the e-reader such as the Kindle and audio books.  But what of robotics?  I think there are still leaps and bounds to be made.

Content is great, and great content is even better.  I listen to and read a lot of business inspirational material, to keep myself positive, and striving to be better in business and as an employee.  And, of course, I am writing this blog, always producing content.  But it can’t just be an endless amount of people consuming content, there has to be something done, food made, cars built, oil drilled, alternative energy found.

I have always been extremely excited and enjoyed programming, but have always tried programming in work and on my own, and somehow it never brings in enough money to get by,  the only time I have made money at it is formatting content into an Android app and selling that on the market.  I don’t really know what to think, only that I feel sad that I can’t be working on something more meaningful in the technology industry.