Yesterday, the 28th, I was sick with the flu, a nasty flu, some norwark (or something sounding like that) virus, I was in pain and exhausted all day, even watching a show with my wife was very tiring, like it was an extreme choir that I made myself do because it is suppose to be relaxing.  My wife and daughter had this just before I did and I think that they were much tougher than I was… especially my 2 year old daughter, I think she was happy, threw up once, and then was happy again.  Anyhow, I called in sick (the first day back to work after Christmas vacation…) and just slept and slept.  Then this morning, I was bright and full of energy, I couldn’t get up and dance around or nothing, the stomach was still a bit sensitive, but I went to work and did all that I could to get caught up.  Things went much better than I had anticipated.

No real earth shattering concepts to learn here, just that I should work hard when I can, and rest when I must…I should rest when I can…but I was brought up in North America…so rest when I must will have to be the way it is until I reach my fame and fortune and can then call the shots.