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I remember talking to a lady in Texas who just had too much going on in her mind, she was constantly stressed out and wanted to tell someone or just have a sounding board.  Not everyone is so lucky to have someone who will just listen and then offer minimal advice or just be that sound board.  I remember that my buddy told this lady that I did free writing to get my brain to calm down and to get myself posed again to go out and face the world.

Often I have been stressed out and worried about life and money and work, and then I went to try and get all the habits that I want ot build done tonight, and I thought, “I got nothing to write about.”  Then the freewriting idea came to mind, and the awesome thing is that I can just keep writing and writing and writing and I don’t even have to check my spelling ot if my sentances makes sense, because it is free writing, not meant to ever see the light of day, but if it does, know cares, cause it was all free writing…..someday this will be in a big fancy important volume of stuff people wrote that may or may not be worth reading.

The End.


Flywheel…There is Hope

In the Good to Great book there was the concept of the flywheel, basically you keep pushing and tugging and working on the flywheel and then eventually it will take off with it’s own momentum and a great many things will start working for you.  This was really good to read because I have been plugging away at Android development for almost two years now and still and making only about $30 a month from app sales and about 20 cents a day from ads… I enjoy working on Android development but thought I should just give up on it since I won’t be able to do it full time.

With my last app getting around 50 installs per day, I can sense the hope that this might still be a profitable hobby.  If not, it is at least a stepping stone to something that will be wicked awesome!!!

Ha! There is ten postings in one night!  Enjoy you lucky people you!

So this last week I have put my self through the ringer, multiple books, multiple sessions of audio content.  One night I was listening to the Good to Great book, and I was just staring at wall, I did not process anything in that little session.  Then I noticed my little girl at dinner who kept shovelling food in here mouth…then looking around with cheeks full of food, then letting it all fall out of her mouth and into her bib.

I am much like my adorable two year old daughter, I kept stuffing my mind grapes…just filling up my cheeks and when I could not fit any more I just let it all fall out.  So here is the simple adage, Chew your Food!  Real food, brain food, it does not matter, if you can’t digest it, then it is really of no value…no matter how hard you try.

Take a nap….you will one way or another.

So I am cranking out posts because I am ten days behind, so at work, when things were slow, I opened my tablet and cranked out ten ideas that I would go home and flesh out as cute little baby postings…that would do my bidding….

What I came across was that if I was going to run my own business it would have to have a level of fun to it, that is why I am always butting heasd when things are slow at work, nothing fun is going on, and if I am not going to try for something at least a little fun every so often, then I should just get a job and just do it, at a boring factory that makes boxes of boring that I assemble for the boring masses…..just a thought.

End Post.

Today there was a lady that needed a laptop fixed, and needed her Word 2003 to work again.  Of course she did not want to have to pay for something that she had already bought, and it was mission critical to get to her Word files. Everyone was at a lost, the only way we could get her up and running was to buy MS Office 2010, doom filled the room!


I told her about Libre Office, and to steer clear of the evil of Open Office that use to be good but is no longer.

Yes you can open any of your office files with Libre Office, yes you download it for free!

No it is not shady, some people have pride in their software and just want to move forward, not to be hindered by install codes and mandatory upgrades that cost a lot of money every six months.  Go to Libre Office, and if your friends do not know about it then tell them!  Don’t be so cruel as to let others wallow in the pits of despair like you once did…be a good friend, what more can I say?

So those hard drives that I lost and then wrote a very emo posting about all the excitement of life being gone…. my wife found them and I was super excited and I ran all around and then I hooked up my netbook and backed up all the windows files on my 1 TB drive and then all my Linux files on the 1 TB drive…and NOW….I need to decide which Linux distro to put on it so that it is an amazing file server!

Yes that is right, a little netbook will be my file server and it will be hooked up to the 1 TB drive via a USB to USB mini cord…talk about not enterprise ready!  But it will do great for the few computers I have around the house and backing things up over the network.

I wish I knew someone who could share in the nerdy joy that this is, my good buddy Thomas Lamph and I… we trying to watch the movie “Hackers” and we had to get Portable apps VLC off of a Creative zen device to read the cd from a half built computer and them tie that into….something…(I just can’t remember) so that it would display on the tv.  The hardware and software to watch that movie was strung out all over the room…I don’t think we even watched the movie, we just kept pointing out to each other all the components that made watching the movie possible.

Nerdman OUT!

I remember in High School and maybe even Jr. High, that everyone was going to write a book, a deep, 50 volume, non-stop page turner book that would grace the world with it’s presence…and it was going to make them rich…not that, that mattered…but still.

It has been almost a decade since I graduated from a little school that did packets for those kids who slacked off and ditched all their classes, and yet I have not heard of much being done from all those who were going to write a book.

I have a good friend who actually has started working on a book, and it has over 177 pages!  I was able to read her draft over this last week (I think might have read it in 3 days) and it was really good!  I wanted to know how it would end.

It is exciting to see (and read) people I know doing something they enjoy and have pride in, it is a sad state for most people after they graduate High School and then slowly but surely, die a little each year as life hold nothing interesting or exciting for them.

I hope that the book is finished soon and that she writes many more to come…is that is what she wants to do. And I will give a review on the book when it is finished…and I learn how to do book reviews…

Until then, tata  (play Offspring – Smash – Exterlude  music here)

I was listening to Jim Collins “Good to Great” book and when he would compare the companies and then talk in disgust on the mediocrity of the not so good companies it really dawned on me… I hate mediocrity, I loathe it, it scares me to death, because all I have to do to let it win is nothing, or something that is not focused, or a little bit of every good thing there is to do, there are endless ways that mediocrity can win, and I cannot live like that.

This blog is me flaying about trying to grasp what I can do to not be mediocre.  And one of those things is doing things that I have been thinking about, such as writing a blog, yeah it might not be amazing, but I am writing a blog, where the guy that was me before six months from now was not, just thinking about it and taking no action.

So now that my blog has a more definitive purpose I hope to get some feedback from some reader…and not just on facebook!  Being as I only check that about once a week or so.

This book took me back to the days that I was reading “1984” and “Animal Farm”, a fantastic story of a post-tramatic government and society that has one person who endures it while taking care of her family.  The stark contrast from the way that the citizens must live and how the politically elite use them for entertainment and substinace…

Most of the book is about her survival and the ridiculous situation that is the Hunger Games, but also how even with survival being the most key component, she and the others in the game have to put on a show for the capitol…

It is rather funny that not too much detail has to given in this story, just giving a slight description of where they are going, or who is there and some dialogue, and my mind painted the most vivid imagery, that I could easily see why this is becoming a movie her rather soon.

Don’t want to spoil it, but it is a good read of fiction.

I don’t even know where to start with this book, I listened to the audio book and it was great to have the serious tone of the author repeat areas of vital importance.

This book was a comparison and dissection of what made companies go from good to great, and why their comparison companies who had almost the exact same resources and situation floundered in mediocrity.

One of my favourite concepts was the ‘Stop Doing List’, with everyone making great, big, hairy to do lists to keeps themselves busy and productive, these great companies had Stop Doing Lists that helped them stay on track.

Another concept is that technology does not make you great, it accelerates what is already great, I have been saying and thinking this for years…mostly because I forget, technology does not work for you…it is the funniest to think about when you get a time saving device and you make a to do list, only to become overwhelmed and not do anything on the to do list on your technology anyway.

The Stockdale paradox, is one of the most important concepts to grasp, you will have to read (or listen) to the book, if you want to understand this…I predict that your life will be a lot less painful…you will not die of a broken heart…which is always good.

This book is a must read for anyone trying to break away from the mediocre.  This book will build a hope in the slow steady progress of what you are trying to do.  Just read it, don’t be dumb, read it!