I have had many times that I struggled more than anything to have my mind let go of something to go on and do something else.  If I was trying to get my tablet to be able to remote control another computer, and then had to take lunch, one of two things happen, I either try to ignore the need for lunch, or I and fumbling with food and my tablet…else I am eating and my brain struggles over the problem (not really a problem but something neat such as a remoting tablet that I have to explore and accomplish).

My boss was trying to tell me something important about ordering and I was moving things around on my desk, after a minute my boss asks, “Did you hear anything I said?” I try to repeat the last few words to show that I did (a trick I’m afraid I have mastered to let people think I am listening more than I am), but it completely backfired on me, instead I merged the beginning of his second to last word with the ending of his last word and my brain could not do otherwise.  I looked pretty dumb, but I just forced my head to clear and listened to him as he explained it again.

It amazes me how the brain, at times, has it own power of focus, it was locked and was not gonna chew on a different task at the request of the other, it had to come to resolution with my first focus…is that the opposite of ADD or ADHD, is that a real thing?  It must be.  I often do not want to start something because I know that I will be forcibly interrupted or that I will not have time to see it through.  If I find a good book I will read it at least 2-3 hours a day, with work, family and entrepreneurial items that need attending this is a terrible thing.  But it gives my mind and even the physical brain itself an uncanny satisfaction.

Many people need (or feign a need) for drugs to have a focus like this…I would kill for the time to allow the focus to be appeased.  It seems that the world is now a place for those with ADD of ADHD.  I much prefer the methodical and well rounded mental approach.

Anyone know much on the topic or have any ideas?  Sure I will google blitz when I have the time, but for now your input would be nice.