Somewhere in 2010 I get really excited and put a lot of work into Android apps.  It was like a gold rush, threw all I had at it and was waiting for some good money to come in…well it didn’t happen.  Yeah a little money trickled in, and I even had some employers for it, but it wasn’t enough to pay for school or to live off of to raise a family.  So I had to re-enter the real world.  Those who read or know of me know that I listen to motivational content, read business inspirational books and have this crazy dream, of no debt, lots of savings, and even of riches, travel and actual life enjoyment.  But my brilliant side business did not help me very much…so is it time to call it quits?

I sincerely hope you knew that the last sentence in the previous paragraph was a rhetorical question, a baiting question if you will.  Hell no is it time to quit.  From my concerted efforts I am making $50 a month from Android sales, and I have not done anything for it in the last 5 months.  This has turned out to be a fantastic passive revenue stream.  I have starting tracking all my sales, all the installs and all the progress I have been making in Excel spreadsheets, and I have come to a very easy conclusion, I have over 50 apps made at present and am bringing in $50 a month, I will in this year of 2012, make at least 50 more apps.  There is no end to what I can make and I can only get better at development.

My first apps were geared toward Army manuals, now I have had a few people tell me of making Air Force manuals, also it was my idea and has been fuelled by others to make apps that help the college student with formulas and things that they need to memorize.

I fell like this is a mid-life crisis if my Android development was a person, it was a trying first half of life with lessons learned, now it is time to live well, win more often and get much more done.  Only good things await!