The customer is always right, do whatever it takes make the customer happy, the customer has the ultimate power.  Strange though how this is in no way, shape or form true for the cellular customers in Canada, or for anyone that has any amount of credit card debt…

I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast with my wife when a lady told of the horrible abuse that she got from Chase over a silly mishap, and they jacked her interest rate to 30% on $5,000, the exact same thing happened to my wife and I, Chase mocked us to scorn and kicked us when we were down.  I think the same thing happens in Canadian cell service.  With the population of this country not matching the population of California, my employer pointed out to me that there is just not enough money to make the towers and keep everyone happy.  I feel like a more pathetic version of Jafar at the end of Aladdin.  He got excited to feel that he had the “Ultimate Cosmic Power!” but then was forced to occupy a “Ity bitty living space.”  Like Jafar me and many others are exclaiming…”WHAT?!?! NOOOoooo!!!”

I would propose that we the customer still have that ultimate power, but it comes at a price.  You can beat the credit people…by not dealing with them, by paying off your debt and taking off the handcuffs and chains.  The same with phone companies (this is a sore spot for me lately cause the States has such more in their plans for much less and give their customers much better service…) we can get rid of the smart phone, get rid of phone all together or get a VOIP solution.

Such scenarios remind me of the story of the scorpion and the snake (or turtle depending on where you heard it), the scorpion asks the snake to take him across the river, the snake declines saying, “No way, you will sting me before I get across!”
“How stupid that would be of me! If I stung you then we would both drown, we are working together, a partnership!”
“That does make sense, okay climb on I’ll take you.”
They are halfway across the river when the scorpion stings the snake.  “Why did you sting me we will both die!”
“It does not matter to me, I am a scorpion, and scorpions sting…”

Such a powerful parable, and sadly often true with so many people and organizations.  I fear that in our cases with debt and contracts that the scorpions sting, the snake dies and the offender floats away merrily none the worse for wear.  But if enough snakes stop giving rides to scorpions then I think that the world as a whole may begin to heal.  We as the customer really do have all the power, our money feeds the beasts.  If we stop giving the money then we cannot be hurt by a dead beast.