Can you just imagine when we tell our kids about VCR’s?  Or about how we would wait by the radio with a cassette tape to record the songs we liked?  Here my daughter is playing on a netbook that is no longer working, the next picture she ruined my Kindle cover to hold the Kindle and would not let go of it…until she fell asleep.  Already she knows what my tablet is and knows that she can play Angry Birds and watch Dora on it.  For her to not have access to all this will make her think that she was in the dark ages….and don’t even bring it up to Grandpa and Grandma, they will laugh at her terrible electronic device addiction (that she will likely inherit from her father).

I do hope that the standard for devices for her generation will put ours to shame, hey I will still be around and since I showed her how it works, I hope that she will show me how the newest stuff works!