If you are a fan of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you will know that this title is a line that saved Indy’s life!  Right after the cute German chic died trying to reach the Holy Grail, Indy fell on the ledge and then felt he had to reach the cup.  He dad said to let it go, in the soothing way that only a Sean Connery like father could.

The other night I was messing around with my tablet and found out how to get emulators on there,I usually get a few emulators and a few games and play for a little bit and then get rid of them all, but I have to at least get it running once just to say that I did.  Well I tried to get the PSX emulator running. I still had blogging, writing and reading to do but I was caught up in making that emulator work, after a while to o avail I had to “Let it go” and allow myself to move on to more productive things.

We all do it…don’t lie, even you do it…all the time everyday I am sure of it!