There have been days where I wonder if all the things that I am trying are doing any good, if anyone is with me or for me as I try to improve toward goals and habits and an all around better life.  I listen to podcasts, audiobooks, read good books of all kinds, take all those nifty quotes about keep on moving and trying and striving…then everything around me seems dead.  Feeling discouraged I still do my daily habit building and keeping positive and trying to work, be active and keep vigilant of, and trying to make my own opportunities….

Just when things seems really stagnant (I say just but a discouraging feeling of stagnation is something that happens when things feel stagnant over a period of time), something neat things happen.  An older brother gives some advice about have fun making the money instead of dwelling on my debt, and then later my boss, who has gotten after me for tasks in my day job, talks about interesting ideas and listens to my ideas and attempts in my Android development and then gets excited to tell me about many other wonderful programming ideas and ways to make money.  Sure no extra money had been made by these neat happenings just yet, but it has given me a little more hope that people in general are striving, and want their family, friends and employees to do well, that they see others success as something good and want to assist in making it happen for them!

Keep going, listen to others, the world is not all against you!