I love to discuss Zombie contingency plans, especially when working in an office.  When I found the show, “The Walking Dead” I was never hooked to something so fast!  Then after watching an episode I would see the big front window of my apartment and think, “This is a Zombie buffet window!”  My wife will entertain my speculations on what could have been done differently on Star Trek the Next Generation, but will not speculate on Zombies,  because nothing like them will really happen…

I like to think that day dreaming of dealing with zombies has some benefits or purpose, and some of those are:

*  We are all zombies in some way or another…we are just getting by, working for the man, can never get ahead…all zombie talk, zombies just moan and groan and move towards something they can consume.  So seeing the similarities we can work at not being zombies and then work at avoiding other zombies that will just turn us back into zombies!

*  Though the enemy is slow and stupid, they are fatal in large groups!  We have to be intelligent, vigilant, avoid having too many find us.  When you take them on it is one at a time, no mercy!  Be prepared and don’t wake sleeping zombies!  This is probably why I never like crowds at theme parks…could you just see zombies stuck on a roller coaster?!

*  Zombies don’t know what they are doing, they just do it…tell me that this has never described you at some point…and I will call you a liar, a bold face liar with hidden zombie agendas!   … Okay I doubt I will go that far, but I know that I have gotten stuck in a rut, financially, emotionally, spiritually.  We get stuck, just like being trapped in your apartment with zombies banging at the door.  I have thought this through and decided that is the zombies are getting in…(and they will through that buffet of a window in the main room)… that we would run upstair and block the stairs the best we could.  Simply put out best bet is jumping out the second story window and getting to the truck and driving out of there.  If we went to the basement it would only be a matter of time before we were eaten.  What we can learn here is that we must avoid getting stuck for one, but when we are stuck we need to act and do it in the most intelligent fashion, despite how stupid a zombie is.

*  Zombies don’t discriminate…and neither should we, zombies are bad, and humans are good…don’t be jerk…unless it is to a zombie!  If a human betrays you to a zombie…then I guess you can discriminate there…use your best judgement.

*  We are all fighting zombies in some way or another, find out what your zombies are and dispatch them, avoid them, lure them into traps, be ready for them, have plans, and vote against gun control!

I hope you have found this helpful….