I just thought of this title in the Adam Sandler voice when he was having the Shampoo and Conditioner battle who was better… but why it says Android is because an article I read said that Android took dominate market share of the smartphone/mobile devices market.  To be honest is is pretty darn close with iOS, but it not any wonder why Android finally came out on top.

Here are some of the obvious reasons:
*  Android is not hindered or denied by iTunes.
*  There is nothing that deletes everything for no reason cause you connected your device to someone else’s computer…*cough iTunes*
*  It is not restrictively expensive to develop for Android.
*  You can make really cool and intuitive apps that compete with Google software and you are not kicked off the Android Market…
*  Android can be on many devices, from the very expensive to the very cheap.
*  With an open platform, advancements can move much quicker in the software.

So yeah, I hope to see Android get around 75% market share or more…then maybe Apple can make the iPhone for running Android OS….that would be awesome!