As weird as it may sound I really hate pretending to work.  I have had a few fast food jobs where once everything was clean everyone there told me to keep wiping the tables.  I must have cleaned the same clean table a hundred times all in the name of keeping a minimum wage job.  Same thing at most retail jobs, if you have nothing to do, no customers come in and you have to feign being busy, when there is an important task then all the customers come in and you never get it done, and when things fall apart, it is the one on the trenches that get all the blame.  There have been a few times where I did a lot of work at home off the clock cause I could not get anything done at a web development job because I had to sooth angry customers (that shop was shut down for mal-pratice, and I only worked there for 3 months before I got out of there…).

But if it is dead you cannot read a book, you cannot work on your passive income, you cannot write your novel, you just have to mop that already clean floor, clean out the already clean email inbox. (I guess you could do those things if you think you can get away with it, but I feel that I will damage my character in this form of stealing from my employer, but it happens from time to time…)

I am not bitter towards any one place or person, it is just a crummy situation.  This is why we have websites and kiosks.  Sure people want a warm body in the store so they can all feel human, but I worry about how long that person will be me.  Even on a busy day when the time passes really fast, I try to look at what I accomplished and it seems that nothing has changed.

When I listen to my business inspirational podcasts and audio books they talk about going out and finding the business and I hope that I will be doing that once I am teaching classes and talking to a lot more people in my area.

I would love to hear some good pretending to work stories, I hope no one thinks less of me, but what do you in these situations?  How can the problem be solved?  This ranks right up there with office politics, a horrible thing that everyone knows is going on, but really nothing can be done about it.