I left my cord for my Asus Transformer at work tonight, now I am almost afraid to use my tablet and that if something amazing pops into my head I will need my tablet to capture it.  How hopelessly dependent we are on our electronic devices!  How often to we have to have a screen give us some kind of direction?  I really believe that at some point in the future there will be well paid clinics to help people go without some sort of electronic gizmo.

I remember at one point when I was first learning to program on Android that I would stay up all night, sleep whenever I could and then just vegetate in my college classes.  Then I took a little break and hung out with some friends that I had not seen in awhile, I think there were multiple times I was trying to tell a joke and then just trailed off…with my friends staring at me, but politely just nodding…”Uh, yeah! Okay Hart, great story…moving on.”

Don’t think it terrible if you use the computer a lot, it does a great deal to make the world more efficient, and if you forgot your power cord…just use your tablet till it is dead if you want to, or just ignore it while you go do other things.