Many times it is hard to stay excited about life, espcially when the same thing happens day in and day out, and even worse so if you are trying harder and working longer and have yet to see anything good come of it.

I was fourtunate enough that when I went to help a school beef up their website, that I was talking to a lady about how to do stuff for web development, and we got talking about all the other computer courses for the school, then all te marketing that could be improved on their website, and how to blog, facebook, and make youTube videos.  Every time I get excited I talk with my hand flailing all over the place…and the coolest thing this lady said was, “You should go to Calgary and go do seminars, you would be damn good at it cause you know so much!”

Usually when I ramble on…(and I got no web development done because my portableapps had to update and we got distracted talking about everything else)…people are just annoyed or might humor me, but do not think that any effort or any intelligence will make a difference, and of couse at this little school that teaches classes that anyone can sign up was open and excited to all the possibilites and the work that would come with making them a reality!

I will be teaching Word, Excel, Publisher, and Basic Internet usage at this school and have endless ideas for neat things that anyone would like to know in the computer arena.

Also my own dad seems to be on board with a little more Android development, so some cool app will be born here in the next few weeks or month!  Find what you think will give you excitment again in life and work at it, it will come to you in a matter of time.