I what if there was a task ninja? And every time I said, “Oh I don’t have time..” or “I will do that later tonight maybe…” the task ninja would come from his stealthy hiding place and WHAM…POP…Punch in the eyelid and stomp on the toe and the ninja is gone!  Then you go to work and the boss says, “This customer needs a callback.”

“Sure, after lunch…” BAM…PLOP karate chop to neck and wet willies in both ears!  You get the picture, by the end of the day you (and most certainly I) would be crawling to the door of our homes gasping for our lives and then say, “I will survive…after a little nap…” then the task ninja, would quietly and stealthily take you life…and you would have to worry about tasks no more.

This is a little funny and then a little sad at the end…but the point is hopefully clear, we are getting killed by not doing the things we need to the moment they enter our conciousness.  What difference would it make if we did a two minute task in the morning or late at night?  A big one, you have less energy, the task you did not want to do is still there, you are more frustrated that it did not magically go away (admit it, there have been many a time you willed things to just magically go away…) and you still did the task…or maybe you didn’t and it just got worse when you finally did do the task…or worse of all it made you look really bad when someone else finally did it, making you look incompetent, lazy, and selfish…which if the scenario got this far, may be true of yourself.  I write this as if it were about you the reader, but I have been on the worse end of this spectrum, and I am struggling to make myself be in the best part.

Tonight after getting home from work, my wife told me she was going to a friends to do scrapbooking, and then gave me a bunch of stuff to do.  She said that if I didn’t get it done that was fine, but I thought, it needs to be done, why not do it now…I washed all the dishes, read the birthing partner material…(my wife is due this month…), got on my habit forming android app (an app that helps me form good habits, not an addicting application…) and check off all the habits that I want to build as I did them (posting on this blog being one of the habits), and it is just a little before 10 pm.

The most beautiful part of all this is that all these things are done, they are out of the way, and the consistency of doing my good habits is building more character and making me a little more productive than I was before.  If there is any reason that a real task ninja does not exist, it is because it’s arch enemy…the procrastination zombie horde, has defeated all of them…which is really sad, cause watching a ninja fight is way cooler than zombies moaning all the time.