So everynight I try to work on something to make life better, more interesting, I am trying to write a book, a couple different books.  I was having a bummer of a week, cause as I sat at work I realized that I just can’t devote enough time to writing a good book…then I thought, “I have lots of poems of and quips in my journals!”  I will write a book of poems and what not, people do that right?  I hope so cause I am giving it a try…

Anyhow so I called the book “Pushing the Van” cause of all my fond memories of stealing my parents van with my friends and driving all over the place when we were 14 and 15 years old.  I went to my journals to find some recordings of those adventures…and I am very sad to say that it was painful to even read just a little bit… my journals may as well have been called log books, there is plenty of teenage drama so I guess there may be some audience out there that would read it…but not me!

This made me think that I need to keep writing, and write something that I will not cringe to read later, so if my life is boring and logbook like, I have to do and be something worth writing about!  I always think of those army commercials where they say if someone wrote a book on your life, would you want to read it…I now know that my journals from earlier…I don’t want to read.

Now to be fair and nicer to myself, there are awesome things in there, just shrouded by the mundane, just like real life…for the purposes of my book I want to get those van stealing stories…but can I get through all my own horribly boring writing???