I have not finished this book yet, but I am getting exhausting with all the reading and listening of content, that tonight it feels like a chore.  And that would be perfectly alright if I were a paid commentator or reviewer of books…

But I did like this book, it was a really cool, life story of someone who did a lot with their life and had a lot of joyful experiences as well as a lot of d-bags that only made her life more interesting…I don’t know if she really says d-bags or just used that for the book, but it’s cool all the same.

I doubt Tina Fey will ever read this since she is doing so many other things right now, so I will admit that I got her audio book because I want to write a book myself and when I first glance at her book it seemed like it was nothing but being silly and telling some life experiences just to tell them.  While contemplating  my own book(s), I had realization that I don’t have time to write a decent book or put any quality into them.  So I thought I will get all my journals and notebooks and just write a book from them.  I was starting on that and it seemed to be going really slow and had no point…and then I thought back to Amazon comments on Tina Fey’s “Bossypants.” and thought, I will see how she did it and then I can surely write a book!

I don’t think I will exactly mimic her writing, but it was a great book to see the makeup of a successful person.  And since she is a comedian, the whole book is very entertaining.  Although I would not recommend playing the Audio book while you at work, with some of the comebacks and insults she received and gave out.

Another great thing to take away from this book is the amount of work she put into her life in general, here I was whining to myself that I cannot work on a book with one job, a wife and one kid!  She was producing a show, throwing a party for her kid as a mom, and then moonlighting at SNL (Saturday Night Live)…I had knots in my stomach last week about giving a talk in church, cleaning up the ordering info at work, and not getting a decent blog posting out.

Also the way that Tina speaks (I imagine the way she wrote this book is the way she speaks) is the way I think that my older sister (the only other one in the family that has red hair) speaks, and she will surely have many great stories to tell if she wrote a book that people wanted to read cause she was famous…for whatever reason.

I really dunno if I would recommend the book to people or not, I enjoyed it, but there were parts where I thought it was pointless, only later to find that it was some good backstory to who she was and how she got to where she is.  The ghettoness of her YMCA job gave me hope that lame jobs do not destroy you, if you don’t let them.