I went to the lounge with a guy I met at work that I thought would like my consulting services for online presence.  All the social media sites, blogging, etc.  But we went and he drank and flirted with all the girls and I sat there like a lump on a log, when we did get a chance to talk he thought it was cool and all, but he didn’t care to get any of the training.  As I looked around it was a really sad site, yeah all the girls were hot…but everyone there was just sad, bored or trying to get drunk so they could just come out of their shell.

I went home and told my wife it was likely a waste of time, maybe it would have been better if I was a drinker…but alas I am not…I want to talk about business, ideas, doing something cool.  Working on becoming rich, business ideas…the bar just felt like such a waste of time.

Maybe it is just not for the working, entrepreneurial type, I really miss the UFSUG (Utah Free Software User Group) meetings I had in Utah…we would have epic discussions about software, programming, business, firearms, and what not.  I remember walking away from every one of those meetings having some really cool application or programming ability I would have never found otherwise.  Could I start one of those in Drumheller?  What Would I call it? AFSUG?  I could pronounce it the same way.

Just some thoughts…