I was really in a rut for a bit this week and the last week.  I would sit in my chair at work and do a little bit to get by…I could tell I was not doing well and not getting a lot done, finally after coming back from lunch I decided that I really just needed to get some stuff done and stop moping around.  So when I got back I gave my co-worker the comfy chair and I remained standing as I worked on a different computer or my own laptop.

I was amazing (at least for the first day) I had more energy and focused more on doing, granted thinking things through has it’s benefits (its time and place), but then you have to take action!

Henry Ford once said,

“nobody can think straight who does not work.  Idleness warps the mind.  Thinking without contructive action becomes a disease.”

Nothing could be more true!  I can’t count the times that someone found out I am an Android developer and they come up with an idea and if I make it they get a cut.  But I ask them how would they write the code, how would they design it, the answer is always, “I dunno, I am an idea guy, you are the one who is suppose to make it…”  Well then my friend I am the one who will collect the profits.  If you are in a rut because you dwell on things to much, then just stand up and go do something, focus on the work, the actions not the planning (providing you know what you are doing or already planned it out.)  Make the blood flow in your body…not just your brain!