So I have always been pretty nerdy, probably more so than I have ever really lead on that I am.  I wanted to play magic the gathering, Dungons and Dragons, all those kinds of things.  But I never really got the chance to play with good players, just kids who would always pull those things like, “Oh this card means that you die and I win.” And it would be a regular mana card or a card they drew up themselves.  Same thing for Pogs the whole month that they were really popular, if my slammer would knock some of theirs over I did not get to keep them, but if they knocked my over they got to keep mine.  I’m sure that I was a poor loser up to some point, but not getting anything when I won…was pretty lame.

Now that I am 27 a  co-worker invited me to play a game of Exodus, somewhat like Dungons and Dragons but in the future and more technology based.  He helped me make a character and it all seems really cool and fun.  So I am getting into and don’t know anything about it, so he sent me a link to a lot of info and I made an android app out of it.

Here is the link, I hope you enjoy this as much I am!