Tonight I am trying to make myself get something done, I have the whole night and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  I went to the basement after figuring out with my wife that I cannot work on the car that we hit a deer with.  We watched an episode of 30 Rock, which is not getting us addicted, but is mildly funny.  Anyhow I am in the basement now and all the ideas that I had about apps, books, neat things to learn…are just not getting me excited to do anything.

I finally pulled out an old (by old like a year maybe…) HP netbook that a battery prong broke on, so it is no longer mobile.  It will still work with the power cord in…so I thought it would be a nerdy triumph to turn it into a file server or any kind of server and just run it until it dies (I would put it on a cooling fun since it would never be turned off and it is just a netbook after all).  But alas, I could not find the iPhone box that has two or three laptop sized hard drives in it, so this netbook is useless!

Then I went to my tablet, to the habit droid app so that I could do the things that I want to become habits…I have done really bad with all the habits this week and knew that blogging was one of the things I wanted to get myself to do everyday (or everynight).  I streamed some audio scriptures so I could hunt for those hard drives, then the next habit is ‘Work on Book(s)’  which I dunno how I am gonna do that, then there is post on facebook…which I cheat by writing a blog post and that posts to facebook automatically.  Cheating?  Yes, but it gets the habit done, besides I would not have something worth reading to post on facebook, so the blog is perfect.

I suppose dedication is doing something even after all the fun, energy, motivation and excitement is gone.  But to what end? What is accomplished after I do all these habits?  I know that overtime something good will come of all this, but it would be nice to have some little wins to keep the blood flowing…which is important cause it is really cold in the basement.  But it provides some good solitude so that I can think, read, ponder…you know the drill.

One nice thing is that I have another audio book to listen to, Jim Colins “Good to Great” about how companies go from good to great and sustain that greatness.

Well forcing myself to write tonight and do some of the habits has got me to have a little energy and some pride that I am moving forward.  I hope that I will be able to report more exciting and motivating things in later posts.