So that this title is in context I give you the following dialog from 30 Rock:


Jack: Jack Welch has such unparalleled management skills they named Welch’s Grape Juice after him, because he squeezes the sweetest juice out of his workers’ mind grapes.

Liz: That doesn’t even make sense.

Jack: No, it doesn’t, does it. I wrote it down in the middle of the night.

Tracy (to writers): What else is on my mind grapes?

Tracy (to Kenneth): I got something on my mind grapes I need to talk to you about.


I laughed pretty hard after the repeated use of “mind grapes” and use it all the time myself.  This last week or so has been a little insane, and yet it does not feel like I have gotten a lot done, but I have read and listened to quite a bit.  First off I was listening to the audio book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, then my wife said that I just had to read  “the Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, which I did off of the Kindle.  THEN I got my friend to send me her draft of a book that she was working on, and read that off the computer, which is harsh on the eyes once you have been spoiled by the Kindle.  Sprinkle in a little of the “Civil War” Marvel comic series, and the brain is a little fried…or the the mind grapes are pretty squished.

So after the mental assault to to my mind grapes, I have been exhausted…exhausted at work, exhausted at home, my brain can barely latch on to anything….oh and my wife is overdue to have our second kid…and I’m ten days behind on my blogging.  And of course thinking about a second job…reading, cramming, listening and squeezing mind grapes is fine and all, but I need more mola to provide for the family…so I will be giving the brain a little bit of a rest…(but only for a little bit, it keeps me up at night so I should rough it up a little from time to time.)