So this last week I have put my self through the ringer, multiple books, multiple sessions of audio content.  One night I was listening to the Good to Great book, and I was just staring at wall, I did not process anything in that little session.  Then I noticed my little girl at dinner who kept shovelling food in here mouth…then looking around with cheeks full of food, then letting it all fall out of her mouth and into her bib.

I am much like my adorable two year old daughter, I kept stuffing my mind grapes…just filling up my cheeks and when I could not fit any more I just let it all fall out.  So here is the simple adage, Chew your Food!  Real food, brain food, it does not matter, if you can’t digest it, then it is really of no value…no matter how hard you try.

Take a nap….you will one way or another.