So those hard drives that I lost and then wrote a very emo posting about all the excitement of life being gone…. my wife found them and I was super excited and I ran all around and then I hooked up my netbook and backed up all the windows files on my 1 TB drive and then all my Linux files on the 1 TB drive…and NOW….I need to decide which Linux distro to put on it so that it is an amazing file server!

Yes that is right, a little netbook will be my file server and it will be hooked up to the 1 TB drive via a USB to USB mini cord…talk about not enterprise ready!  But it will do great for the few computers I have around the house and backing things up over the network.

I wish I knew someone who could share in the nerdy joy that this is, my good buddy Thomas Lamph and I… we trying to watch the movie “Hackers” and we had to get Portable apps VLC off of a Creative zen device to read the cd from a half built computer and them tie that into….something…(I just can’t remember) so that it would display on the tv.  The hardware and software to watch that movie was strung out all over the room…I don’t think we even watched the movie, we just kept pointing out to each other all the components that made watching the movie possible.

Nerdman OUT!