I was listening to Jim Collins “Good to Great” book and when he would compare the companies and then talk in disgust on the mediocrity of the not so good companies it really dawned on me… I hate mediocrity, I loathe it, it scares me to death, because all I have to do to let it win is nothing, or something that is not focused, or a little bit of every good thing there is to do, there are endless ways that mediocrity can win, and I cannot live like that.

This blog is me flaying about trying to grasp what I can do to not be mediocre.  And one of those things is doing things that I have been thinking about, such as writing a blog, yeah it might not be amazing, but I am writing a blog, where the guy that was me before six months from now was not, just thinking about it and taking no action.

So now that my blog has a more definitive purpose I hope to get some feedback from some reader…and not just on facebook!  Being as I only check that about once a week or so.