I remember talking to a lady in Texas who just had too much going on in her mind, she was constantly stressed out and wanted to tell someone or just have a sounding board.  Not everyone is so lucky to have someone who will just listen and then offer minimal advice or just be that sound board.  I remember that my buddy told this lady that I did free writing to get my brain to calm down and to get myself posed again to go out and face the world.

Often I have been stressed out and worried about life and money and work, and then I went to try and get all the habits that I want ot build done tonight, and I thought, “I got nothing to write about.”  Then the freewriting idea came to mind, and the awesome thing is that I can just keep writing and writing and writing and I don’t even have to check my spelling ot if my sentances makes sense, because it is free writing, not meant to ever see the light of day, but if it does, know cares, cause it was all free writing…..someday this will be in a big fancy important volume of stuff people wrote that may or may not be worth reading.

The End.