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I have been mulling over the idea in my head for sometime now to have my resume and portfolio in an android app for all to see, I have tried this before by having an app called “I make Apps” that was me trying to market me just making apps, but nothing really came of that.

My new app labeled “Harts Office”

is a little more involved, it has a link to my website, blog and calendar. It also has a short bio and my resume, and services that I can offer.

It is really not super pretty and eye catching, just informative, but I can make endless updates and just make it better and give more info as people request it.  Let me know what you think!  So far I think my biggest problem is not portraying a call to action in this app.


I have a portfolio binder that have a legal pad of paper in it.  I am a big gadget using kind of guy, I have a phone, tablet and a laptop.  But when I need to brainstorm the best place to do that is on paper.

For some reason I can engage more of my brain when writing on paper, by the time I get my tablet open and to a place where I can write, I have lost a lot of what I wanted to write.  And the laptop seems a lot better place to get some writing done than a phone or a tablet.

When I teased my dad about reading his Book of Mormon in the actual book form when I have it on my tablet and my phone he simply stated, “A book will never crash, never accidently lose all its data, requires no batteries and will (books) never go away.”

I can’t argue that they can get damage in a fire or other natural disaster cause so can devices.  What devices have over books is ease of transportability, I can have thousands of books on my 4 gig Kindle, and distribution is unlimited, every device (meant for any kind of reading) in the world could have the same book on it.

I think it is fair and safe to say that a healthy dose of both books and devices is the best practice.  And we should never go too long without writing on some actual paper.

So I just discovered this today!  Windows Live Writer is a blogging client that ties into WordPress flawlessly, when I connected it up it even took the look and feel of my blog so that when I am writing I can see more less what it will look like. It also take the pictures and insert them without a hitch, that save me a lot of time, so I will be adding more pictures to my posts.

It’s already built into Windows 7, so just search for it from your start menu and have a blast!

The image below is taken from the Wikipedia page for Windows Live Writer.


So I have been getting into comics a lot lately since I know people who have them and have moments here and there to read them, also I am a very quick reader so I can consume them quickly.

The Grimm Fairy Tales are rather unique, in that any female character is extremely sexualized.  Indeed the picture I include in this post in the least sexual that I could find.  Also they are extremely morbid from time to time.  They take all the fairy tale stories and give them an extreme darkness and sadness.  But somehow since they are a comic they are not as disturbing as it would be if they were put into a tv show or a movie.

If you can get past some of the afore mentioned stuff you can get to the meat of the stories that actually do have some very good morals…well if you are a comic person take a read!


So I just recently got turned on to the Walking Dead tv show, and it is awesome I wish they had a million episodes so I could watch them all in a day!  Lucky for me there are the comics that were around well before it became a show.

Now just a little warning if you are going to go out and get all these comics, they swear quite a bit and there are some extremely morbid parts.  But I think this is the most realistic zombie fiction that I have ever read.

Also note that the comics are rather different from the show, but I can see exactly what the show picked up on.  But the characters are different and there are many that have not shown up yet in the show. 

The comic is an exhausting read though, just so much stuff going on, it is hard to keep everything straight.


This is a rather serious topic, that one can either take seriously, ignore, or just for the heck of it, add more fuel to pointless debate.  My dad gave a talk in church last Sunday about being self-reliant, having food storage, and being prepared.  Prepared for what you may be asking? To have the ability to say no…

That ability is not to be taken lightly.  Just think of all the trivial things that you wish you could say no to.  Getting up in the morning, going to school or to work, having to eat food you don’t like.  Now think of all the non-trivial things you wish you could say no to.  Taking abuse at work, school or home.  Selling poor product to customers, allowing laws to pass that hinder your freedom because of scare tactics…hence the title of this post.

When 9-11 happened the patriot act was pass, allowing all sorts of things that hurt mostly the sincerest of law abiders.  Now we have a whole slue of laws that are trying to be passed to control the internet.  Yes their is terrible things on the internet, but there is also a lot of good things happening.  In Canada they are pushing the whole child pornography scare.  Yes this is a severely terrible thing and those responsible should be punished.  But I have a little secret, these laws will not deter these vermin in the least.

Another thing that has been under attack forever has been the right to bear arms in the United States.  I am not here to debate it, but I am here to say that if we get scared into giving up that right, that only the honest law abider will be hurt.

Something that always comes to my mind is George Washington.  A great man, who if the history was different, would be labeled a villain, traitor, and all around scoundrel. Yet he is not, instead he is on the dollar and the quarter.  I have come to the conclusion that sooner or later it will be requisite to blatantly disobey the law to maintain freedoms.  This was most apparent when I read that it was illegal to play DVD’s on Linux, I mean really?  That was not a pointless and selfish law on some parties that I don’t really need to name!

Don’t misread what I am trying to say here.  In 1st Peter 2:16 it states:

“As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as servants of God.”

Don’t be stupid about it, but do fight for your freedoms.

My Additional Horrible Failure

So like I mentioned in the Blackberry post, I had an Open House tonight at the school to show off software, only one person came.  It is my fault since my second kid was born I did not do any marketing for my class.  After coming home tonight I am a little stressed that all that I am trying to do is for naught.

I am only boosted a little by remembering a story that Dave Ramsey had a seminar that very few people came to, and he kept at it and now he is doing really well.  Not all is lost however, I did get to play on a SmartBoard, which was cool, only it would not work when I tried to play Starcraft II, the cursor was off and it would not connect online anyway.  Had any of that worked then that would have made the night a whole lot better.

I also stopped by a restaurant that had a hiring sign.  Much of my stress and down trodeness is due to having too little money and two vehicles that need repair.  My parents have lent me a vehicle for the last month or so to get by but they will need it back really soon…

Should I read Dan Millers book again to see if I cannot work on getting ahead?  Listen to podcast that are inspirational?  I feel extremely restless and somewhat desperate, what, dear blogging universe, should I do?

So I had a Open House tonight at the Consortium school…that I did not market well…and only one person came.  The lady that did come had a Blackberry Playbook that she desperately needed help with…thus spurned my question…Blackberry…Did you literally have a meeting to discuss how to make the Playbook the worse tablet device in all existence!?

I am being a little mean, but really, that device is just awful!  Case in point…EMAIL!  Now since the iPhone was release is 2007 the bar has been risen, plain and simple, I don’t care who you think you are, if you make a phone or a tablet that is to be in the smartphone or device market then email MUST be present and easy to get to.  It has to be to the point where someone accidentally  pushes a button and all their email is there and easy to access.  After an hour of trying on the Blackberry Playbook not only could we not get this lady’s Telus email, but we learned that you can only get it (outside of the webmail version) if you have a Blackberry phone and you bridge that to the tablet!

Is it any wonder that the Playbook is a giant flop? No…it is not a wonder at all, just a simple cause and effect.  Surely someone that works for Blackberry has an iPhone or an Android device and said, “Wow I can get my email! We should really look into this!”

I await your reply Blackberry, thanks!

Tunnel Vision

How many things can you do at once? Two or three dozen I’m sure, or least that is what most people around seem to claim to be able to do.  Now to make the question more narrow, how many things can you do at once and do those things well?  Maybe one or two?  For me it is only one…and on my best days I can switch gears quickly to drop one thing and go do something else and come back to the original thing if not too much time has lapsed.  I will admit to tunnel vision, so when I need to get something important or complicated done, I cannot stand multiple interruptions, I would have said that I cannot tolerate multiple interruptions but that would not be the truth since in a retail setting and our current society, there is no other choice but to accept the interruptions and do the best we can…

Question:  How do you deal with Tunnel Vision or the opposite set of such problems?

My Own Book Assaults Me!

So I don’t know if this just happens to be, but as I am working on my book “Pushing the Van” which is a compilation of quips, short stories, and poems that I have written in my journals…I will be typing and the content just makes me almost want to delete it all and stop working on it.  People would never converse the way that I write them conversing, my poems are so silly and sappy that I fear publishing them.

And then, of course, there is what people will read into…what character do they represent, do I really hate them? Love them?  Will my wife ask what girl or girls each sappy love poem was for?  If this work of so called literature be so bad that if I publish it will ruin anything I try to publish afterwards, will it be ridiculed before it gets a chance to see the light of day?

While typing I suddenly get really tired or spacey, like my body is trying to shut me down before I get a chance to type all this book up and send it out into the world, to try and save me the embarrassment.  Then, in a true anxiety ridden fashion, I think there is a million other things I could be doing right now that would serve me and my family better…but when I try those things…nothing gets done.

I have concluded that I need to write this book, and many more books, but this book needs to happen so that I can say that I have written a book, that I have finished something.  Learn the publishing process (via Kindle self publish) and gain some needed experience.  If the world wants to mock me, they will have to get the book and read it, and that can only bring feedback that will help me further become a better writer.

As of right now I am my own worse enemy, and the enemy that I have to defeat before I can take on the many others!