So like I mentioned in the Blackberry post, I had an Open House tonight at the school to show off software, only one person came.  It is my fault since my second kid was born I did not do any marketing for my class.  After coming home tonight I am a little stressed that all that I am trying to do is for naught.

I am only boosted a little by remembering a story that Dave Ramsey had a seminar that very few people came to, and he kept at it and now he is doing really well.  Not all is lost however, I did get to play on a SmartBoard, which was cool, only it would not work when I tried to play Starcraft II, the cursor was off and it would not connect online anyway.  Had any of that worked then that would have made the night a whole lot better.

I also stopped by a restaurant that had a hiring sign.  Much of my stress and down trodeness is due to having too little money and two vehicles that need repair.  My parents have lent me a vehicle for the last month or so to get by but they will need it back really soon…

Should I read Dan Millers book again to see if I cannot work on getting ahead?  Listen to podcast that are inspirational?  I feel extremely restless and somewhat desperate, what, dear blogging universe, should I do?