So I had a Open House tonight at the Consortium school…that I did not market well…and only one person came.  The lady that did come had a Blackberry Playbook that she desperately needed help with…thus spurned my question…Blackberry…Did you literally have a meeting to discuss how to make the Playbook the worse tablet device in all existence!?

I am being a little mean, but really, that device is just awful!  Case in point…EMAIL!  Now since the iPhone was release is 2007 the bar has been risen, plain and simple, I don’t care who you think you are, if you make a phone or a tablet that is to be in the smartphone or device market then email MUST be present and easy to get to.  It has to be to the point where someone accidentally  pushes a button and all their email is there and easy to access.  After an hour of trying on the Blackberry Playbook not only could we not get this lady’s Telus email, but we learned that you can only get it (outside of the webmail version) if you have a Blackberry phone and you bridge that to the tablet!

Is it any wonder that the Playbook is a giant flop? No…it is not a wonder at all, just a simple cause and effect.  Surely someone that works for Blackberry has an iPhone or an Android device and said, “Wow I can get my email! We should really look into this!”

I await your reply Blackberry, thanks!