I have a portfolio binder that have a legal pad of paper in it.  I am a big gadget using kind of guy, I have a phone, tablet and a laptop.  But when I need to brainstorm the best place to do that is on paper.

For some reason I can engage more of my brain when writing on paper, by the time I get my tablet open and to a place where I can write, I have lost a lot of what I wanted to write.  And the laptop seems a lot better place to get some writing done than a phone or a tablet.

When I teased my dad about reading his Book of Mormon in the actual book form when I have it on my tablet and my phone he simply stated, “A book will never crash, never accidently lose all its data, requires no batteries and will (books) never go away.”

I can’t argue that they can get damage in a fire or other natural disaster cause so can devices.  What devices have over books is ease of transportability, I can have thousands of books on my 4 gig Kindle, and distribution is unlimited, every device (meant for any kind of reading) in the world could have the same book on it.

I think it is fair and safe to say that a healthy dose of both books and devices is the best practice.  And we should never go too long without writing on some actual paper.