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The Dying Hours

I have come to dub between 3-5 the "Dying Hours" cause I feel like I am actually dying at work, so bored, so trapped so anxious….can’t stand it! This is why I like to grab a pizza slice around this time.  I am going to go completely commission based here starting in April, I am really excited, but at the same time really nervous, working on the clock is safe but boring, working on commission is exciting but not a safe bet all the time.  I will have to see what I can do and keep getting advice and just keep talking to people.


48 Days Chapter 7 Questions

1.  Are some job markets more secure than other?

I would say so.  There seems to have been a shift to a lot of people (myself included) thinking they can make money be just having the ideas and helping other people with them.  Medical field is pretty safe I would say, although in a densely populated area there may not be a demand for them…Mechanics is most certainly a secure field since everyone needs their vehicles fixed, if you were in a really bad spot you could just offer your services for slightly less than the next guy.

2.  What are the best places to look for new opportunities in today’s workplace?

I would say that if you keep your eyes and ears open that you can find them everywhere, the problem sometimes is that you cannot just leave your day job right away to pursue them.

3.  What are the biggest mistakes you’ve made in the past in looking for new positions?

It seems that I am often told that my resume jumps all over the place…but that is because I leave straightway for the better opportunity.  I had the misconception to look for a place that was as loyal to me as I wanted to be to them.

4.  How do you feel about “promoting” yourself?

This is an odd one, some days I could do it all day long, then other days I feel very introverted and shy and just don’t want to talk to people.

5.  How do you know when to change jobs or careers?

Most of the time it has been when something better was to be obtained, a few times it has been that I could not take the job anymore and just had to get out of it.  This would not be the right answers for a self starting go getter…but I am working up to that point.

6.  How should we apply the principles found in Colossians 3:23-24 as workers in this day and time?

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;  Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”
Colossians 3:23-24

I think this is saying do whatever it is that you are doing as if you were employed by the Savior.  And he will give you the reward for doing so.

A Little Pick Me Up…

I have really been a rut the last few months, I guess it all started when I hit that deer on the way home to Drumheller, and that car sat there for months not getting used cause we had no money, to add to that I owe for a tablet that I got from my work…and I hate owing, especially for things that I simply cannot pay for.

I hope that this rut does not make my wife or kids (who are too young to know anything about it anyway) feel that I blame them for any of it, cause I don’t.  I just have not had any energy, sometimes I have almost no desire throughout the day which makes my memory really poor and getting things done around the house, at work, or for my own freelance work almost impossible.  I guess that makes it a good thing that muscle memory gets me through most days to wash the dishes, help customers at work, and other various tasks.

I was showing a friend some of my pictures at work and I ran across this one…

Amy & Michael 042 

I immediately felt better for quite a few moments, remembering my wedding day and some of my best friends that any one could ever ask for.  Devin (in the red shirt) was my best friend for most of elementary school, Thomas S. (in the blue tie) has been one of my greatest friends from Jr. High up to now, who got me off my butt and out and about to experience life and has always been there to give sound advice.  Big Tom (as we called him since there were two Tom’s) has also been there since Jr. High and we have experienced a lot together as we scoured all of American Fork, Utah.  Ryan (in the pink tie and glasses) has been a great friend that I keep losing touch with (probably my own fault for not trying to stay connected with him), he is a really intelligent guy that I had a lot of deep conversation with.

I could say a whole lot more about each one of these friends…but I don’t want them reading this and having some kind of competition over who meant what to me.  But each is an amazing person who it has been (as still is I hope for all of them) my privilege to call friends and confidants.  Even though things seem bleak and lonely for me right now I have these friends, and that to the world I am not just the forgetful, tired, desperate shell of a person that I have felt like for the last few months.

Thanks to all of you for being in my life and giving me a much needed “pick me up” today, I hope you are doing well and are finding real happiness in life.

Now I just hope they don’t make too much fun of me if and when they ever read this!

48 Days Chapter 6 Questions

1.  Do you understand your area of competence?

I think that I know a few things I am good at, but making them profitable is difficult.

2.  Do you feel trapped because of your current or past work experience?

Yes very much so.

3.  Do you recognize how easily your abilities may transfer to a new industry or profession?


4.  Can you see value in those things you may have done as a volunteer through your church or community?

I can see the value in the things I have learned, but not in listing the accomplishment.

5.  Are there skills or training you need to make you a candidate for the work you love?

I don’t think so, I think I just need some confidence by not owing other people or having debt.

6.  Has God given you abilities that do not match your desires?  If so, how can you reconcile those?

I don’t think this is the case at all, I am just trying to figure out the not being mediocre part.

1.  In what kind of setting are you most comfortable?

This is a tough one, but I do know that I am in a more comfortable spot when I have more freedom, when I don’t have to worry about being chewed out for something.  I like talking to people and getting something set up and helping people understand it.

2.  How do you respond to management?

I usually don’t respond that great, I like be tutored and instructed, but I really don’t like be berated.  If I need to change something then just tell me.  I was surprised and glad when a co-worker simply asked me to do something from that point on, that is great, it was not how dumb I was or that I screwed up, it was just something that I needed to start doing, so I gladly did.  I guess I am half and half on this one.

3.  How would you manage people?

I think I would give a task and a deadline, and then let them go to it.  If that does not work then I would investigate and see how the employee would like to handle it.  If that did not work and I was in management then I would just let the employee go.  Pretty rough eh?

4.  Are you better working with people, things, or ideas?

While I do like working with people, I really enjoy working with ideas.  Concepts are the greatest things sometimes.  I have been blamed for adding more steps than needed, but it helps me get my head around things.

5.  Are you more analytical, detailed, and logical, or are you one to see the big picture and respond with emotion and enthusiasm?

I really don’t know, I like analyzing things to a point but I always have the big picture in mind, I suppose I would have to align myself with the latter.

6.  Are you steady and predicable, or do you seek variety and new challenges?

I would definitely have to say that I am the latter on this one too.  I like to be steady but I get bored with things really quickly and like to move on to different things, probably why I am such a job hopper.

7.  Are you verbal and persuasive, or are you the caring, empathetic listener?

The last part of that question best defines me, but I would like to be the former.

8.  What strengths have others noticed in you?

That I am good with the analytical stuff, making charts and graphs and trying to understand things.

9.  What are 5 words or phrases that describe you?

Analytical, thoughtful, scheming, anxious, creative.

10.  In writing your epitaph, what would you want people to remember about you?

That I did what I wanted and did what people told me I can’t.

I have always found that if I am able to get couple of bases made in this game that I can win just be the fact that I have a lot of resources.  A lot could be said for real life too.

Just like in the game, if I can somehow master two or three sources of passive income and then focus on what important (like getting attacked in the game for instance), then imagine all the stuff you could do!

In the game I know how to do this, but in real life it is a lot harder.  Any ideas?

My brothers wife and kid have been out of the country for the last two weeks, so he came over and we had a Walking Dead tv show marathon.  We like to discuss what we would do if zombies were real.  I have come to the conclusion that medical personal and mechanics would be the most valued members of any group…and without power, communication and the internet, a computer guy like myself…would be the least valued.

I am not trying to belittle or be hard on myself, but those would be the facts, I would have little if not nothing to contribute to a small group trying to survive.  I have changed oil and could learn a few things, granted in a zombie infested world I would have to.  But if it were to happen I would run to my basement and grab my knot tying book before I left with a group to find refuge.

Now you could speculate a lot of scenarios, but the truth remains that if power, communication or the internet entirely was down in any way, I would be useless!  Now thinking about real life, when I leave the computer and go outside, the same idea applies, what do I offer my fellow man?

Just some food for thought…

48 Days Chapter 4 Questions

1.  Are you a goal setter?  Do you typically set goals at the first of the year? If not, why not?

Yes I am a goal setter, usually the goals are for habits or for big things, so I work on them really well for awhile and then sooner or later I lose steam.

2.  How would you describe your current focus on work?

I am trying to get more work and make more income…it feels like a great struggle a lot of the time.

3.  What hobbies do you have?  What other skills and interests do you have?

Well, computers take up a lot of the hobby time, I like to tinker with software, try out programming, and would like to try out robotics.  Most of my skills are in computers as well, but I have also enjoyed reading and writing and out door work of all kinds, fixing my Bronco is also an enjoyable hobby.

4.  How are you involved in your community?

This is the kicker and probably a big part of my problem.  I am teaching computer classes at a school here in town, but we are not getting the word out very well.  Other than that and going to church, I just go from my house to work and back to my house again.  One of our family goals is to be more social.

5.  What was your father’s or mother’s attitude toward work and how has that affected you?

I think what I remember is that they just did what needed to be done, and they loathed debt from what I heard and saw, so those qualities are a part of me.

I downloaded this 3.3 gig .iso and installed it last night, completely installed over my latest Ubuntu install that took me two days to figure out and have ready to demo to people. I was thinking that it would be fun to check out for a little bit and then install something over it.  But I am still on Windows 8 typing up this blog post. So it was a lot better than I expected.

At first I was not happy that there was no start button, but if you hit the Windows key then you get the Metro start menu with live panels.  I have starting using Mail, Music, Pictures, Remote Desktop, and….of course…solitaire!

Better than I expected, I was able to install 32bit Microsoft Office 2010!  And not only that, but the office applications load in seconds.  I have never experienced such speed in powerful applications when I was using Windows 7.

Microsoft’s Live Writer 2011 was able to install with some support packages, so I am able to blog from the comfort of a native Windows application.

Starcraft 2 installed and works great, I played and even won the first game.  It seems to run smoother as well!

I am really excited about this release, it seems that they actually made it better, I imagine that they had to make it less bloated so as to run on tablets and phones and what not, but I am really impressed over all.

New Tagline

So I just changed the tagline of this blog to “Fighting Mediocrity”, cause the consulting and business and technology thing, well it was good and all, but my goal with the blog is not just those things.

My one umbrella goal for work, play, family, friends and life is to NOT be mediocre.  Being mediocre is my greatest fear, the thing that I will regret the most when I am on my deathbed.  So I am fighting it…it’s a war!….like this youtube video…

My hope for this blog is to help others while helping myself in this fight….this war…both here and here are as red as a fire engine! Haha!