So I didn’t know if I should call this “Job Hunter Musings” or “Some thoughts of a guy that is job hunting..” But Job hunting blues sounds right even though it is not indicative of what I am posting about.  As I am currently searching for my second job I am not going to each store with a cloud of rain over me, and go in a little hopeful and leave with a down pour of rain on me again.  More or less I am frustrated that I cannot go to the business at the most opportune times, that there is little in the way of jobs that are available in the evenings, but I am not blue about it, it is just another challenge to have fun with.

He is my process so far:

Emailed for all the positions that I could find on the various Drumheller websites, giving them my resume, links to my blog and website, and a link to my Resume Android app.  I did this Saturday and just got a few replies back today.

Talking to people coming into the computer shop, guy from McDonalds seemed pretty happy that I was considering his franchise, but I am sad to admit that I really don’t like working fast food, but if it comes to that I will do as to meet the goal of getting out of debt this year.

Writing some items for the local newspaper and radio station, have nothing finished yet as I don’t exactly how to approach all of this, but at least I am doing something.

And of course I am going in person to a few different places, and have not had much luck that way.

I would love for whatever readers are out there to give any suggestion that they may have.  Thanks!