When you hear the words Ground Zero, you think that is where the bomb hit, where the most damage was done, the most activity, or where a far reaching event originated.  The way I am using it in this is is as the after math of ground zero…where absolutely nothing is going on.

I am writing this somewhat melancholy piece because I am sitting at my computer with 2 or 3 great ideas that I know will keep me up all night, these ideas could make me money…but I have a day job that is the security net for income that I can’t jeopardize.  So I look at the last few things I did, made a resume Android app….almost nothing is happening with that, I got a logo made…that is having not effect, my Android app sales are dropping slowly and the ad revenue is stagnant.

I know that all these things are aggregate and will a lot for me over the long run if I stuck with them.  But for now, it just seems hopeless, even worse than that, everything seems completely stagnant, dead, not moving back or forward, stuck in one spot for, what feels like, a fearfully long amount of time.  

I think the next few post will be answering questions for myself from the “48 days to the work you Love” by Dan Miller.