1.  Respond to the statement, “All progress requires change, but not all change is progress.”

This is simple, to get something different you have to do something different, but to get the results you want you have to be intelligent and thoughtful about what that difference is.  Simple doing something different in an of itself is no enough.  The grass is always greener, but a failure is a failure no matter what the grass looks like.

2.  What statement describes your career path so far?

Hard to say, I do what I need to, to provide for my family and myself.  Great sentiment but but lacking in substance.

3.  How has a company change affected you?  How did it make you feel?

In my current job a guy moved, and I took over his responsibilities, it was overwhelming for a while and now I just do what I can when I can and try not to stress about it too much.

4.  Have you experienced any “failure” in your career? If so, what did it lead to?

I would say I have experienced many failures, I had a lot higher ambitions for myself than what I have realized, but it has given me a chance to be more humble and not feel deserving when I have not earned something.

5.  What were your childhood goals and ambitions for life?  Which ones have you been able to fulfill?

The biggest ambition was to never get in debt and never be controlled by someone else, I am sure that I have had other goals, but those were the big ones, that is why I want to work on those goals now so badly.

6.  Who are 2 or 3 people you know who seem to have accomplished their dreams?  What do you remember about their accomplishments?

Sadly this is also a tough one in that I don’t intimately know people who have accomplished their dreams.  Some are better off than others, but I don’t sense an inner peace of personal accomplishment that I would like to emulate.  So I try to be around those who are the best off of the people I know.

7.  What do you imagine your retirement will be like.

My wife and I will travel.  That is all I really know.