My brothers wife and kid have been out of the country for the last two weeks, so he came over and we had a Walking Dead tv show marathon.  We like to discuss what we would do if zombies were real.  I have come to the conclusion that medical personal and mechanics would be the most valued members of any group…and without power, communication and the internet, a computer guy like myself…would be the least valued.

I am not trying to belittle or be hard on myself, but those would be the facts, I would have little if not nothing to contribute to a small group trying to survive.  I have changed oil and could learn a few things, granted in a zombie infested world I would have to.  But if it were to happen I would run to my basement and grab my knot tying book before I left with a group to find refuge.

Now you could speculate a lot of scenarios, but the truth remains that if power, communication or the internet entirely was down in any way, I would be useless!  Now thinking about real life, when I leave the computer and go outside, the same idea applies, what do I offer my fellow man?

Just some food for thought…