At Reality Bytes Inc. I have started as full time salesman as of yesterday (from the day of this writing).  It was a blast I met up with people from a school a teach for, did a practice pitch to my boss and another co-worker, then I hit the streets and talked to three other businesses!

I was also able to come home and help my wife with the dishes, kids, and getting our taxes moving along.

The oddest thing was that I don’t think I got an exceptional amount of work done but I was tired by dinner time.  I came to the realization that I am not use to running around getting a lot of things done.  So doing any amount was tiring.  The biggest thing was having my mind completely active instead of just when customers came in the door.

This is a really exciting opportunity for me, and a little scary since if I don’t sell I don’t make anything… but everyone to talk to says I will do fine.