I was cleaning out my email and reading the emails from blogs that I subscribe to, and I had one that had large, bolded, bright red letters…completely condemning the second amendment in the United States.  Then it goes on to site every story of a murder or a tragedy with a gun in it.  This blogger then goes on to say that no one in the United States or the world should legally be able to own a gun…

I thought I would give all the arguments that I have used about cars, scissors, and random buckets of water that kill more than guns, and the whole only outlaws will have guns if guns are outlawed, and so on and so forth…but I knew this would be in vain.  The issue is too emotionally charged and it is too easy to blame the device rather than I person.  I just wanted to state, again, how disgusted I am with people refusing to take responsibility for their own lives.  How an un-justified fear has us running and begging to give up our rights and have governments and institutions pacify us for the mere price of un-conditional slavery.  So and so forth, I want to direct my energies into becoming debt free, learning, growing, and self actualization.

So I am done with my little mini-would-be rant.  After thinking about it for a minute, I just went into my WordPress setting and un-followed this person, sorry, better luck next time!