So I am the kind of person that needs constant encouragement.  Not that I need a ridiculous amount from my wife and co-workers just to move about the day, but to work towards the lofty goals that I have for mine and my family’s existence.

There is no one saying get out of debt, think long term, sacrifice, or ‘hey this is how I did it you can do it too!’.  So I listen to podcast and read books, of people who have made mistakes, worked hard and did all that great mumbo jumbo to succeed, and their content is very uplifting and keeps me going…the only problem is that it comes in too slow.  The Dan Miller 48 days is about once a week, the Dave Ramsey entreleadership is about once every two weeks, and the Dave Ramsey show, well the podcast feed will only have one at a time, so if I forget to download it then I am out of luck.

But I have run into the Freakanomics podcast, and while it is not a motivational show per se, it really exposes your mind to more food for thought, and it is very entertaining.  I want to be an economist just so that I could have such an awesome show like this!

I find that if my mind is processing information that is unbiased and yet challenges the sleepy ways that we have just accepted everything then it is motivational to me.

So that is all, I recommend you listen to Freakanomics!