I sold my Asus Transformer tablet, last night I was saying within ear shot of my wife, “So long tablet, it has been a real slice.”  She knew I was getting rid of the tablet and said something about it, then I said, “So long debt, it has been a real slice.” She was happy about that one, then as a joke I said, “So long Amy, it has been a real…” then I backpeddled. Haha!

But in all seriousness the Asus Transformer tablet was a great device.  It was fun to play Angry Birds and Robo-Defense.  It was great for getting podcasts, and it was great to get to websites quickly.  Did I sell it because it was not enough?  No, not at all.  I just could not afford it, my boss was kind enough to let do payments on, none of which I made cause I hit a deer and had to fix that car and my truck (my truck is just old and needs fixing from time to time).  And the boss said that I just simply had to pay it off since I was not holding up my end of the agreement.

It has been a fantastic experience to remind me that the whole reason I am in Canada instead of Utah where all my friends and everything I know is, is to get out of debt, to have some savings and to eventually move back.  It also gave me the slap in the face and the remembrance of what Dave Ramsey says about growing up.  I need to get that wake up call to stop being a child and getting toys and just having them cause I want them or think that I deserve them.  It also helped remind me that technology in and of itself does not solve your problems.  I thought if I had a tablet I could show off more products and demo that tablet to people, thus selling more tablets, neither one really happened despite the fact that I tried really hard to do those things…for a week.

This is the year that I have to un-bury myself from all these debts and these little stupid things that I have brought on myself.  A measly $25K of debt to payoff and I will be free!  Now if someone will just buy my truck, I could really get some things moving!