Since I have become a full time sales rep at the beginning of this month I have been trying to stay busy.  But with all the freedom it is hard to not waste time.  Worse yet I still feel like I am in the retail area and I have to just stay put.  So I have put some constraints on myself…

NO BUSY WORK:  I do not have to make it appear that I am busy, so that frees up a lot of time!  But I do need to work to make this sales position work.  If there is nothing that I can do for my sales position, or I am waiting for someone else to do a task or a callback, I am able to clean the house, fix up the truck or blog, write, or program.  So no busy work, just actual work and at a pace that actually makes it productive.

SET GOALS:  I need to sale so much to cover what I would make as regular retail agent, so I have set goals to that end and work.

CALL IT RELAXING AND JUST DO IT:  So with a freed up schedule I can meet you for a sales call at 7pm and I can go ahead and relax when it is 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon (that is when it is deader than dead), at first I was frantic that it is the work day and I need to be working…but if I made my contacts and my quotes, AND I will be meeting someone after work hours anyway, that I can relax, and I can call it like it is.

What else should I do?