I do a lot of thinking.  It is probably something that is wrong with me as much as it is a good trait.  When I watch shows I wonder how I would have done it differently, (sidenote: someone could make a killing as a security consultant on the USS Enterprise!), if it something I had would never have considered I will try to retain it for later use.

I think about business ideas, what do people want, why do they want it, what is the supply and demand?  How do I sale to people in a way that it is a service not harassment?

Here is a doozy, why do masses have a gravitational pull?  But more to the point of this post, I think non-stop about things I could do that would be great, make my life better, my finances better, and make me more happy and even help other people.  Since starting as a sales rep I have had the idea to have a demonstration week at the local library and do volunteer work.  I have had the same idea for the store at which I work.  I have thought of some neat Android app ideas that businesses could really use.  And I am constantly having good blog post ideas…

SO with all these great ideas and constantly processing something in my brain you think I would have an abundance since I would do them all, right?  Sadly the answer is wrong.  And the reason is that I do all these great things in my head only!  I will be sitting on the couch and a good blog post will come to my mind, and I daydream the words and the paragraphs and how it looks written out.  I picture myself writing code for android apps and think about how it will be done, then when you would think I would get up and turn on a computer…I just keep daydreaming that I am doing what I should actually be  doing.

I like information, I like to categorize it, calculate it, and make graphs and charts of that information.  I love brainstorming, and thinking about neat things.  I can’t get enough of ocean documentaries, all the creatures and why they do what they do…I intensely long to be a scuba diver…

So I have come to terms that I have to DO the things that I think about so constantly, and the terrible thing is nothing is as good as I day dreamed it would be.  But that does not matter, at least I did it, and I will try to day dream less and do more, or somehow have them compliment each other.  I remember as a kid I would write novels in my mind and as I dream about them at night laying awake in bed I would seriously have conflicts cause the story did not work and I would rewrite my fictional story until I was satisfied that it was a proper story.  Strange kid I know, but I want to continue to be strange in that I do all these things now as an adult, get them on paper or in an app or what have you.

Another goal for this month for myself is to do the things I think about…or if I just simply will not do them, to stop torturing myself and let those thoughts and ideas go…I guess if you love something you have to let it go and see if it comes back.