There is a lot of information out there, most of time we can get it online.  We can get it on our phones, and then pinch and zoom to read that information in a time of need.  But what happens when you have not internet connection or a really poor connection?  Have you ever been in a University basement?  No signal no how.

That is where an informational app comes in handy like my most downloaded app yet:

The mobile space is what is becoming important to businesses in today’s market.  If you think about it, almost everywhere you go people are staring at their phones!  If you run a business you will need to have a mobile strategy to showcase your products and let people know that you exist.

Simple text and pictures when you need them!  To have an app like this is only $100.

I also have made a great saleman app that can have your information and a gallery of your product!

To have an app like this is $300 and then $25/hr for making updates to pictures and text as needed.