So it has been a little roller coaster for me lately.  I got so excited to be a full time sales guy just to find that everyone around has been sold to millions of times and are just fed up with it.  But with all the free time or the completely flexible schedule I can work on all my other ventures….only to find that I am too worried to be really productive in those other ventures cause my main job is at stake everyday.

I realized this and thought I will just plow through it…but I am always blank now.  The wife thinks I play too much Starcraft II at night and she is right, I should keep working on all my other things like I did when I went to my retail job full time.  I have really failed on doing the blog every single night, but again I keep coming up blank.

I have meetings with people that are involved with the new Drumheller community center and the Public Library, so I really hope that that will somehow ramp me up again.

This is the hump that I am fighting to go from mediocre to not, this is that hurdle and I am not sure how to overcome it, any ideas?