This is a little rant I had on Facebook, oddly enough no one let me have it… but I feel that I should bring it up!

I am absolutely disgusted with the verbal and slanderous attacks on the rich from the poor. The latest being against Mitt Romney. But of course has not been the first. Why is that people think cause someone else made money that they personally attacked them? Here is a thought…and I know it is absolutely crazy, completely in left field, but if we want (I’m in Canada so I dunno how this would work lol) a prosperous nation, if we want to increase our incomes and our ways of life…how about having someone in charge who has accomplished that?

I am poor (or not as rich I would say) because of me, because of choices that I made, because I got credit cards and loans without thinking of how I would realistically pay them off. I am not a poor person hater, or a rich person hater, I hate that I was stupid but the problem is me and my wife and I are working against it, we will be wealthy after we work our way out of our mess. Please do not berate Mitt Romney cause he has some money, while it is his fault he has some it is not his fault that you do not!

I am ready for a flame war, let me have it, I will even openly call anyone who hates this post or the principle behind a tool and a big one at that!