I have been cranking away on sales and have been met with a lot of opposition.  I try to be more mature now than I ever have been since I am getting older and what not, so I keep trying to give it a shot with the sales and my salesmanship.  But the other thing is that in a book by Jim Collins, he says that you have to look at the ‘brutal facts’ of the market and what you can sale to it.

I was explaining this to my wife and the words popped out, “You can’t sale what people don’t want or need, there is no way I could sale them a punch in the face no matter how good I was at it!”  She thought that was pretty funny.

But the truth is that there is a supply and demand of all services and products, and if it takes me a week and many hours of effort to sale a tablet or a computer and that is as far as I can get when I need to be selling 10 tablets a day, the supply and demand chart would show that it is not worth my effort.