Today has been a long day for me, I took care of the kids and was in the car for hours and tried to do all that I could for my wife, yet I don’t ever feel it is enough.

For one month out of every year we are the same age, I am older by 11 months, but most of the wisdom and the determination it seems comes from my wife.  We decided somewhat early in our marriage that we were not going to be mediocre like the rest of the world, we have big aspirations.  While I can get excited and really crank hard on something for a few months, she has been the anchor that makes all the things it takes to succeed in the long term a reality.  When I wear down and just want to blow money she reminds me of the budget.  When I say that it is hopeless she tells me to keep going and she loves me regardless of my failures.

2011 and so far 2012 have been a struggle for us, and yet she is happily pushing forward as a wife and mother of two.  I was hoping that with a great job and extra work to buy her a MacBook Pro for her birthday, and instead she got less than $100 and picked some stuff up at a rummage sale.

I want to wish her a happy birthday and tell her that I love her and that she will get her sweet laptop and anything else she desires in due time, and she will get those things more on account of her than on account of me, I love you Amy and Happy Birthday!