Today I was listening to Dave Ramsey and talking to family and the painful and extremely real realization is that my income is so low and always has been.  I couldn’t help but have a medium sized mid-life crisis.  Then to add on that my grass-is-greener bone is really acting up and I am pining to move back to Utah because nothing seems to be working up here in Canada.

When I told my Grandma that I make $12/hr she laughed that contemptible laugh that says I should be insulted to think about staying there at all.  And of course we have absolutely no wiggle room for any kind of transition.

My biggest hope is the community center that was built here in Drumheller.  I can just rent a room once or twice a week and give a free consulting class and then give my information for tutoring out that way.  The word of my mission to Texas keep playing back in my mind, “If not me then who, if not now when?” Strong words that let me know that I need to do something and it is only me and the time is now!